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Seminar CEIGRAM: Research and Development of Novel Technologies for the Economic Conversion of Typha Biomass into Biogas and Animal Feed in Northern Nigeria

Friday, March 29 at 12:00    A seminar  ‘Research and development of novel technologies for the economic conversion of Typha biomass into biogas and animal feed in Northern Nigeria’ , dictated by   Fernando Escribano  , researcher of CEIGRAM was held.

Fernando Escribano  has been working since 2017 as a researcher at CEIGRAM along with an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland – USA. Fernando became one of the Typha project coordinator, with interest in promoting collaboration research between the EU, EE. UU  and Africa, to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology to promote agricultural development in African countries. 

Head of the Animal Nutrition R & D Area of ​​the Tolsa Group – Spain for 20 years. Extensive experience in collaborative work with public and private international research institutions. Fernando has experience in mineral clays and zeolites as natural additives to compound feed, to improve animal production without medication. 

He states, «I have experience in animal nutrition, food production, health and food safety.» 

He holds a PhD in Animal Nutrition from Iowa State University and a PhD in Agricultural Engineering from ETSIAAB.  


Accompaniment by Mr Isa Ahmed, Head of Immigration from the Embassy of Nigeria in Spain