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Youth OutReach

A local high school in Madrid, Spain, La Educación Secundaria Obligatoria were presented with the Typha Project to help give an idea of what is possible. It is important to empower youth to identify communities needs as it will help them become empathetic, reflective individuals, setting them on a course to potentially continue this important work in their future. Opening a world of innovation and creativity to our next generation. Advancing projects like this sustainability. 

It seems very interesting to me what the Typha project is doing.

It has taught me new things about countries and cities and how vegetation and/or water could effect it, something I have never thought about before. 

Very eye-opening experience !


4° ESO
This is a miraculous project that will help numerous people in various aspects like economic, personal, political, and concerning health.

I hope the project gets completed with great success.


4° ESO
Demonstrates great practicality !


4° ESO