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Plataforma Africa Proyecto Typha 2019

Africa Meeting Platform
A meeting with ITD (Innovation and Technology for Development Center) held on 04/03/2019. The meeting was attended by Prof. Eva, Prof. Carro, Prof. Fernando, Vanessa, visiting scholar Ahmad R. Musa from Federal University of Gashua and the ITD officer.

Meeting was held to discuss how to enhance the impact of UPM research capacities in West Africa and to draw guidelines on how to strengthen the multidisciplinary collaboration in the Typha Project. Dwelling on their activities, which include linking with public organizations, NGOs, EU and private companies. 

Typha Project is currently making substantial strives with its international action research, being an excellent exemplar for future projects. Emphasizing that current and future research should be accomplishing what the community needs by ensuring their voice is integrated throughout the whole process. 

UPM has four platforms;  climate change, refugee’s platform, sustainable campus platform and the Africa platform. This platform promotes projects and collaboration with Africa especially sub-Saharan Africa. The Typha project is among the project. Prof. Eva is the Principal Investigator, Prof. Fernando is the Project Coordinator trying to link the project with a biogas company in Kenya, Spain and Nigeria, Prof. Carro is the one working on the Nutritive Analysis of Typha, Ahmad working on the conversion of Typha into Ruminant Feed, Vanessa working on estimating the emission from the study area and comparing the two scenario making a kind of trend analysis of the Typha. The ITD intend to identify link Africa Platform with various funding opportunities. 

Africa is a continent with amazing talent, looking ahead Africa is going to be vitally important in all world issues. To remain at the forefront of global research and contribute to society there must be deep engagement with Africa. The Typha Project and surrounding supporters understand this and know there are more ways to make an impact in this world.

Africa Platform furthermore discusses the possibility of organizing SDGs seminars in May / June. Along with attempting  to link UPM with Dakar University Senegal and Nigeria to achieve students / researchers exchange program.