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NutriFORUM Congress 2019

More than 650 experts attended this event with specialists in distribution, health, and entrepreneurs in the animal world. Animal nutrition was a very present theme throughout the event; emphasis on poultry, swine, and ruminant. Other topics discussions were ecologic footprint, additives, contamination, antibiotics and much more. 

Researchers, companies and technicians, where we can to demonstrate their current knowledge within these sectors and create constant evolution. More renewed and international technical were introduced into the discussion. Heated yet intellectual discussion took place about topics s uch the regulation of additives, animal health, the presentation of the feed, the formulation of the feed, the strategies to optimize the productive and reproductive yields, the quality of meat products, the improvement of digestibility and animal welfare.

CEIGRAM researcher Fernando Escribano and Federal University of Gashua’s  scholar,  Ahmad R. Musa attended to discuss with others about the Typha Project. They were able to compare and note if the project is inline with other works in progress. Along with gain more information to improve the project. Being able to connect with other experts and build a business relationship strategy that could benefit both parties in the future. 

They were able to connect with a company interested in creating a feed additive that will improve the digestibility of Typha silage. A meeting was organized to future the discussion.  

This event was overall very successful as it brought new ideas to the table to consider. Excited to see how the Typha Project moves forward from here.

More is to come!